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Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 1 – Your Foundation

In the hubbub of daily life, balance and harmony can seem like afterthoughts, or worse, unattainable states of being. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your seven chakras are the foundation of balance and harmony in your life, and you can learn how to fine-turn them to face life’s challenges with strength and grace instead of feeling derailed and depleted. Chakras are energy centers along your spine that fuel your life and your best intentions. “Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 1 – Your Foundation” begins an exploration through your chakra system so you can understand the purpose of each chakra and learn how the system as a whole works.

Challenging times

2020, 2021, and 2022 were very challenging years on earth. In 2020 and 2021 individual and collective karma, as well ancestral patterns, were brought up to the surface so we could become more aware of who we are and undergo a purification process. 2022 was about facing our personal core woundings, our weaknesses, such as victim mentality and attachment to suffering, that are parts of our iron-age identity, so we could free ourselves from these painful limitations.

2023 is a year of empowerment that will bring up the questions of leadership, responsibility and personal authority for you and everyone around you. Once you outgrow your karmic self, you become like a blank slate. One of the themes of 2023 is starting over and rewriting the story of who you are without your karmic programming.

To help you reinvent yourself in accordance with your highest destiny, you need a stable foundation. The best place to start is the building blocks of who you are, which are the chakras, the energy centers along your spine.

The building blocks of who you are

The chakras are truly the building blocks of who you are, and they influence everything in your life: your state of health, your stamina, how you feel emotionally, your mental clarity, how you express yourself, and what you believe in and much more.

You may have done spiritual practices relating to your chakras, so you know that it is not easy to feel them or to be able to modify or heal them. Even after years of practice they may still be elusive and mysterious, which is normal.

Last year at Inner Treasure Hunt we experimented with meditating on each energy center along the spine with their associated color, with their sacred sound or bija, and their mandala, which is the sacred geometry associated with each of them. We also trained ourselves to move energy up our spines, from one chakra to the next.

What is a chakra?

The concept of chakras originated thousands of years ago by Hindu Yogis, the seers and wise teachers of India. Through millennia, chakras have been celebrated as the body’s energy centers, and when you awaken your chakras, you help maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

You have seven main chakras that are along your spine, which hold the different frequencies, or the different parts of your identity, that constitute who you are.

Chakras are energy centers. Because they are made of energy, you can interact with them by focusing on them. Consciousness moves energy in the direction of our conscious or subconscious intention.

7 chakras

Chakras are the energy behind your thoughts and emotions or desires. They reflect who you are, how much energy you have, your health, your character flaws and strengths, and also your deepest subconscious patterns. Because an energy center vibrates at a certain frequency, each chakra resonates with a specific color. You can use these colors to support your concentration and help you recharge and clear each chakra.

Today, we will start the fascinating pilgrimage along our vertebral column by exploring our foundation, the first chakra at the base of the spine, also known as the root chakra.

Your first chakra

Life is constantly testing our ability to adjust, adapt, and rebuild, which are all first chakra themes. Change often comes as a shock to our system and when we experience bad news, or a sudden change in our circumstances, it often challenges our grounding, and our first chakra.

1st chakra your foundation

The center at the base of your spine is the energy that holds your roots, your connection with the earth plane, your desire to stay alive, to build something and thrive. This is the place of your common sense, rationality, street smarts and ability to organize.

A weak first chakra can result in poor health, low energy and stamina, back pain, joint pain (especially the hips, legs, knees or feet), issues with bones and teeth, or hypersensitivity to pain, stress, and stressors such as bright light, loud sounds, chemicals and smells.

When the first chakra becomes weak, we sometimes leave our body. We are alive but we have checked out. Many of us know this feeling of leaving our body when we feel threatened or on the day of a full moon!

Being ungrounded, leaving the body, translates as feeling weak, shaky, disorganized, forgetful, and unfocused. We may feel disconnected from reality, trapped in a constant mind chatter or emotionally out of sorts. We may suffer from dizziness, palpitations, bumping into furniture, losing balance and occasionally taking a fall.

Leaving the body is a good emergency defense mechanism but you need to know how to bring yourself back. If left unchecked, this state may last for several hours, days, months or even years.

Consider the state of your first chakra. Are you generally grounded or ungrounded? Most of the time are you self-motivated or do you witness life passing by? How is your level of energy, your health, your joints or back pain, and any sensitivity to stress?

What weakens your first chakra?

  • Physical circumstances such as injury or surgery of the base of the spine, hips, or pelvic floor, or a fall on the coccyx can all weaken your first chakra.
  • Mental circumstances such as losing interest in the earth plane, retreating from life, feeling uncertain, or being detached from earthly matters also weaken your first chakra.
  • Emotionally, a challenged first chakra translates as chronic fear, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, feeling unsafe about the future, and lack of motivation.

Trauma from childhood can also affect the first chakra at a young age such as becoming orphaned, being a premature baby, not being wanted by one’s parents, the early passing of a parent, parents separating, or moving house numerous times as a child.

When an incarnated soul suffered trauma in the past or from past lives, they may be partially hanging out in the spiritual plane, leaving the physical body unprotected. The person becomes hypersensitive to stress and has difficulty manifesting what they need because of feeling disconnected to the earth.

What strengthens your first chakra?

Your first chakra is the energy center that anchors your soul in your body. The strength of your first chakra depends largely on your relationship with the earth, and how your soul perceives the experience of being incarnated, that is, being embodied in the physical plane. When an incarnated soul feels safe on earth and enjoys their earthly experience, chances are that their first chakra is strong, and they naturally attract what they need. They are resistant to stress, and nothing really disturbs them.

To be strong and withstand multiple responsibilities, you need a powerful first chakra, which implies reconciling deeply with the earth element, mother earth and the physical plane.

By affirming your desire to be here on earth at this special time of shift of consciousness, you can bring yourself back and strengthen your first chakra immediately. To bring healing and balance to your roots and get all the blessings of the first chakra, use the powerful tool of grounding, starting with the grounding cord.

grounding cord

A grounding cord is an energetic connection that goes from the base of your spine down into Mother Earth, like a tail made of energy. This cord acts like an anchor for your body that helps you stabilize your magnetic field, release detrimental energy you may have picked up, or excess energy from stress or intense emotions.

As you meditate, contract the abdomen gently in the end of the exhale, pressing your hands on your belly when you breathe out. Bring your energy and focus on the lower part of your body. Connect to mother earth with your feet. Connect to mother earth with your grounding cord going down into the earth. Hook up your grounding cord in the center of the earth. Release any fear, anxiety or stress down the grounding cord for mother earth to recycle.

You can also imagine yourself in a dark red crystal, such as a garnet or a ruby, as you meditate.

red crystal

The red crystal, like the womb of mother earth, brings healing to your first chakra and every part of your body. It brings healing to your life force, making your root chakra stronger and stronger. It can help you feel the pulsation of your heartbeat and the blood flow in every part of your body, accelerating the natural healing process of your body and your rejuvenation.

You can ask your subconscious to show you a symbolic image at your first chakra to help you understand the foundation of who you are. Just receive the image without being judgmental to learn something about yourself, your foundation and your roots. Accept and receive a deep healing of your relationship with the earth and your ability to be fully present and manifest what you want.

To balance your first chakra and your physical body, can use sacred mathematics and the symbolism of the number four. According to the Toltec tradition, the number four relates to the earth element, mother earth and her power to re-establish order on earth.

meditation script

Breathe smoothly counting to four. Inhale through the nose counting mentally one … two .. three … four. Then exhale smoothly through the mouth counting mentally one … two .. three … four. Repeat this continuously. Allow your subconscious to show you a symbolic image relating to your first chakra. You may see the state of energy of your first chakra, an issue you have related to your grounding, your finances, or your health, or something that is unique to you. Just open your mind and receive the image to learn something about yourself and your roots.

You can anchor your first chakra by repeating mentally: “I am safe!” “I am divinely protected and guided!”

You can anchor your desire to be here on earth at this special time of shift of consciousness for humanity by repeating mentally: “I choose to be here!” I am grateful for my life, my health and well-being!”

You can anchor your abundance, prosperity and your main projects for 2023, what you want to manifest this year by repeating mentally: “I manifest what I need easily!” “I am abundant and prosperous!”

When working on your first chakra, remember that your practice is about self-love and gently bringing yourself back to earth so you can feel whole and safe and manifest abundance in your life. With love and kindness, allow your journey to unfold.

Next steps

Meditate on your first chakra to understand better what your first chakra has been though and how it has affected you. Try to feel its energy and allow it to ground deeply into the earth. Do this as often as you need, especially when you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, when you need to bring yourself back after an emotional crisis, an incident, or a sudden change, or when you need to step up to achieve a specific goal. You can always join a free online Moon Meditation at Inner Treasure Hunt which will support your meditation efforts.

Repeat the first chakra affirmations that were most powerful for you to feel refreshed, replenished, and ready to reap the benefits of your work. Learn to recognize the signs when you are not fully present, not totally incarnated, as the first step to being able to bring yourself back.

Having a goal, a passion, a mission in life, immediately brings your chakras into focus and action. Write about your purpose for 2023 and what you want to see manifest in this upcoming year.

When you discover your foundation and nourish your roots, you’re able to improve your health, stamina and endurance as well as your ability to manifest what you want in your life, be prosperous, and abundant in all the senses of the word.

The upcoming blog post “Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 2 – Your Tribe” will explore another aspect of the first chakra, which is about the tribe and the collective, and your role in the greater collective.

And members of Inner Treasure Hunt can view the meditation recordings associated with the first chakra at the Meditation Library. Select January 21, 2023 New Moon Meditation entitled “The first chakra, energy center at the base of the spine” and February 4, 2023 Full Moon Meditation entitled “Root chakra and tribe: your journey didn’t start with you.”


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Members of Inner Treasure Hunt can experience meditation recordings at the Meditation Library – select January 21, 2023 New Moon Meditation entitled “The first chakra, energy center at the base of the spine” and February 4, 2023 Full Moon Meditation entitled “Root chakra and tribe: your journey didn’t start with you.”

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