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Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 3 – Your Sense of Self

How you see yourself defines how you function in life and what you attract. Yoursecond and third chakras hold your sense of self – how you live on earth. They can support you so you feel alive and thrive. Chakras are energy centers along your spine that fuel your life and play a role in every area of your life. You can learn how to fine-tune them to face life’s challenges with strength and grace instead of feeling derailed and depleted. “Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 3 – Your Sense of Self” continues the exploration of your chakras with the goal of bringing more balance and harmony into your life. This is part 3 of the series:
Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 1 – Your Foundation
Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 2 – Your Tribe
– Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 3 – Your Sense of Self



Who are you?

Where are your boundaries?

Your emotional chakras

The yes and no seesaw

Meditation tips

Next steps


Who are you?

The second and third chakras rule our human reactions and emotions, the areas of life where we tend to repeat the same mistakes and suffer the most.

The truth is, we often can’t access the real cause of our discomfort. Without introspection, a person tends to react with the same set of emotions, whatever the situation. For example, when frustrated, a person may always respond with anger, while another may feel overwhelmed or fearful and always respond by checking out.

As the years pass, do you find yourself repeating mistakes that you should have learned from by now? Are there any recurring themes in your life that you wish would stop showing up? What is your default emotional response, the way you automatically feel, when there is a challenge in your life?

Our automatic emotional responses allow us to survive, but they hold us back from thriving. This is because our emotional responses become crystallized in our energy fields. These emotional crystals take shape, just like your body takes a shape, although you can’t see them with your eyes. You reinforce this crystal every time you repeat a response that doesn’t serve you or the people around you.

It is possible to feel your crystalized emotional responses, and with meditative focus, access and change them. What if you could become aware of your triggers and regain freedom in the way you respond to life? These are the reward for getting to know these two energy centers.

Where are your boundaries?

The second and third chakra energy centers are like two separate voices in your psyche that give you a different take on life. How you feel, your second chakra, isn’t always in agreement with your rational thoughts, your third chakra. Sometimes, these two voices disagree, creating internal contradiction and chaos, especially around relationships.

They both play an important role in how you hold your boundaries, meaning, how you define what is you and what is not part of you … where you end and others begin. Knowing what’s yours and what’s not is essential to your well-being, and is the key to healthy relationships.

What do you know about your own limits and how you hold your boundaries? To describe two extremes, do you push people away or do you let them walk all over you? Sometimes we push people away, because we experience people taking advantage of us, or maybe because we have empathic qualities, and we feel the pain of others too deeply.

Your emotional chakras

Your second and third chakras hold a huge part of your sense of self and your identity. How you see yourself defines how you function in life, what you attract, who comes into your life, and how you relate to others, which are the most important skills you need to live on earth. When these two chakras are closed, a person has difficult human interactions, plagued by feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, and lack of trust in others. It’s like being a teenager!

The second chakra and the third chakra are, before all, emotional chakras. They rule the everyday stuff, which paradoxically, is the part of us that we understand the least. Everyday stuff happens on the margins, often automatically, without mindfulness. We give it little thought hence we understand it the least.

But it’s important to note that these centers do not hold the same types of emotions.

The second chakra, which relates to the water element, is the seat of cold emotions such as fear, anxiety, grief, depression.

The third chakra, which resonates with the fire element, holds heated emotions such as anger, passion, jealousy.

Another way the second and third chakras are different is in terms of consciousness.

The second chakra is your subconscious sense of self. It contains your pleasure to be alive, your deepest desires, but also your shadow, which is made of bits and parts of you that have been repressed and are hidden and unacknowledged.

The third chakra is your conscious sense of self. It is much easier to access and understand than your second chakra.

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The yes and no seesaw

The second and third chakras are your gut feelings, subtle body responses, which tell you the truth about how you feel about something.

In energy, the second chakra says “Yes.” This is your ability to include others, let them in and say “yes.” In energy, the second chakra attracts. Ancient traditions talk about “feelers”, which are energy tentacles that come out from your navel area. These feelers literally allow you to attach to other people, to feel how someone else feels and to adjust to them.

When you feel fear, your second chakra contracts, which draws in what you fear. A healthy second chakra feels light but can become heavy with repressed emotions.

A strong second chakra makes your energy field porous and often you may find the energy of other people in your own field.

What about the third chakra? In energy, the third chakra says “No.” This is discernment, your ability to have your own ideas and disagree, and to have the courage of your opinions. The third chakra pushes back or pushes away. Ancient traditions talk about a radiant sun-like energy at your solar plexus which gives you strength, allowing you to have confidence, to stand up for yourself, and fight back if needed.

The third chakra becomes rigid if you feel the constant need to protect yourself or if you have controlling tendencies. A healthy third chakra feels warm but not hot, flexible, adaptable with energy flowing freely through it. A strong third chakra provides your energy field with definition, giving you a clear sense of separateness, where you draw the line with others.

It is the balance of these two chakras that determines your boundaries with others, and you need both chakras for harmonious relationships.

Meditation tips

The goals of this meditation are to release:

  • Tensions in your second chakra so you learn to not attract what you fear.
  • The rigidity at your third chakra which blocks your flow of life force.

Ground yourself, sending your roots deeply into mother earth. Imagine your energy field like a bubble around you. Is the edge of your aura porous like mist or well-defined like a mirror? Do you sense foreign energies in your energy field, or do you feel that your aura is clear?

To locate your second chakra, touch the point under your navel and press it firmly with your fingers. Imagine that this weekend, you have planned the best possible activities, with your favorite food, and the people you love. As you look forward to the event, focus on your second chakra and sense the subtle response, that means “yes” for you.

To locate your third chakra, touch the point under your ribcage and press it firmly with your fingers. Imagine being pressured into going to an event you don’t want to go to. Focus on your third chakra and sense the subtle response that means “no” for you. If you previously sensed energies that were not yours in your field, with the power of your third chakra, push these energies away, outside of your aura.

Visualize yourself in a yellow crystal, the color of discernment and mental clarity.

Release any heavy emotions that you may have picked up from others. Return these energies to mother earth, for recycling. Release any heavy emotions, fear, anxiety, grief, regrets at your second chakra. Return these detrimental energies and memories to mother earth, for recycling. Breathe into your second chakra, which becomes lighter and lighter.

Let go of any subconscious patterns that attract detrimental people or events in your life, such as being a victim, or attachment to suffering. Relax the muscles in your lower abdomen and bring a sense of well-being and self-love to your second chakra. Think about what you want to stop manifesting, a certain type of relationship, enemies, detrimental people, people who need constant fixing, that suck your energy.

Think about what you want to attract in your life in a balance way. Ask your second chakra to attract what is good for you: good work environment, radiant home, equilibrium between beauty and practicality, convenience and pleasure, good people, good neighbors, a good life partner that enhances and supports who you are.

Let go of any detrimental emotions at your third chakra. Release any fiery emotions, anger, rage, jealousy, or guilt that have been accumulating at your third chakra. Return these detrimental energies and memories to mother earth, for recycling. Feel the vibration of fresh prana at your third chakra.

Go ahead and focus on your powerful intention at your second chakra. For example, how you would like to shift your second chakra or what your second chakra needs.

Think about what you want to attract in your life, for example a wonderful place to live, a radiant home, a good work environment, beauty and harmony that supports your well-being, delicious food that supports your health, and prosperity. With the power of your second chakra, attract all these things that support you.

Think about who you want to attract in your life, such as good people who understand you and support who you are. With the power of your second chakra attract or draw closer a wonderful partner, co-workers, friends, and good neighbors. See your second chakra filled with the beautiful energies you want to see flourish in your life.

Make a powerful decision at your third chakra for a beneficial shift. For example, you may want better health, more personal power, greater self-confidence, stronger willpower or the ability to stand up for yourself. Maybe you would like to detach from the opinion of others and be able to make decisions without being trapped in a web of emotions. Focus on your powerful intention at your third chakra. See your third chakra radiating these powerful qualities in your life.

Imagine yourself in a yellow crystal, the color of mental clarity and personal power. The golden crystal gives you the power and strength you need. Rejoice in feeling powerful, successful and able to rise to any challenges. The golden crystal harmonizes your boundaries with others for harmonious relationships.

Affirm mentally: “I say no to detrimental conditions and hurtful people!” “I say yes to my life, to more joy and happiness!” “I value my emotional well-being!” “I deserve the best!”

Next steps

Connecting to your second and third chakras means becoming more aware of their roles in your life. To be a well-adjusted person means to have behaviors and reactions in your everyday life that are appropriate to each unique circumstance, and this is exactly what these two chakras are about.

When healthy and strong, these two energy centers allow you to function beautifully in the world and to interact harmoniously with others. These two energy centers are like two different ways of life, which are often opposite but complementary.

Continue to work on bringing your attention to your gut feelings and how your emotional chakras play out in real life. Observe how you hold your boundaries and shed a light on your blind spots, what you couldn’t see before. Also, acknowledge all the work you have accomplish regarding your emotional well-being.

Repeat the positive affirmations that are most powerful for you to bring completion and balance to who you are.

Find a meditation that works for you or join us at Inner Treasure Hunt for our new moon and full moon meditations where we explore the chakras together. You can use these meditation tips as often as you need, especially when the media and negative world news affect your mood and lower your frequency. The more evolved you are, the more you can feel the calling for spiritual practices that involve the clearing of the collective consciousness.

Enhance your meditation and any spiritual work you do with the first and second chakra with essential oils you like, or natural incense you may have. You will find that regular meditation will have a calming effect leading the balance and harmony you seek.


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