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5 Ways You Can Build Resilience According to the Ancients

As traditionally defined, resilience has to do with bouncing back from obstacles, enduring something bad, or overcoming failure, disappointment, or loss. The goal is to return to the sense of balance and control you had pre-obstacle. But the question remains, is this the best way you can build resilience according to the ancients?

Ancient cultures thought of resilience differently. Challenges were not something to overcome. Challenges were wake-up calls, internal manifestations of unexamined beliefs held in the subconscious, opportunities to face your shadow with courage and honesty.

What is resilience according to the ancients?

From this point of view, your shadow is your biggest ally because it is the path towards your highest destiny. To the ancients, the only thing you had to overcome in life was your shadow. If you think about it, this is the hero’s journey.

What does it mean to take subconscious action?

Resilience is about taking subconscious action, which you cannot just choose to do. The only way to take subconscious action, to really change or dissolve old belief systems buried in your subconscious that are impeding your life today, is to dive deeply into your own hidden world.

You have to trust yourself, let go of your assumptions, open yourself to new experiences, and believe in yourself. Yes, you can change things that are detrimental to you. Yes, it can take a long time and be hard to do. And yes, you’ve tried things before and they didn’t work. Does any of that mean you shouldn’t start now? There is buried treasure which resides inside of you and only you can access. Even if you think you’re the one human on earth who doesn’t have treasure buried inside, you’re deluding yourself. Every person on the planet is a walking treasure trove which can be accessed.

What are the traits of resilient people?

Humility and patience are the traits most associated with resilience. This is because resilience is based on the silent decisions you make within yourself, not something expressed outwardly. You make the decision to give up or let go or overcome or build a quality.

If it were easy to be humble and patient, we all would be. So in many ways, the most resilient people are not those who dive in and take fast action. The most resilient people are those who humbly and patiently do the internal work associated with heeding their own wake-up calls. 

What are 5 ways I can build resilience?

You can watch Suteja talk about the five ways you can build resilience here.

1 – Connect with your body. Your body contains a world of mystery and treasure, and the best thing you can do for your body is inhabit it fully. The free program Awaken Your Chakras at Inner Treasure Hunt helps you get in touch with the energy centers along your spine that influence your mental and emotional states as well as your physical health. You may want to clean your liver because when the liver is heavy you lose your ability to adapt to change and get stuck, feel grumpy, and are unable to handle stress. According to ancient traditions, your lifeforce is stored in your liver so a healthy liver supports a healthy lifeforce and the ability to change. You can begin to clean your liver by drinking burdock, dandelion, red clover, or chamomile tea, and by eating kale and daikon. You can also watch a sunrise and direct the energy of the sun into your liver.

2 – Connect with nature. Nature is everywhere around you and within you. Just as forest bathing benefits physical and mental well-being, any loving engagement with the natural world can help you find peace and serenity. Remember that nature includes more than just plants, animals and minerals on earth: nature extends her reach into the furthest depths of space everywhere in the galaxy. The ITH 28-day Moon Meditation Essential Program helps you live in alignment with the rhythm of nature by being in harmony with the moon’s cycle. And one suggestion: do not ingest toxic plants or people; instead remove them from your life.

3 – Turn inward. Find some quiet time every day to shut your mind off. I’m talking about the incessant chatterbox between your ears, ‘Radio Me’ that never stops broadcasting. Turn down the volume and give your mind and body a break. Stay present with yourself and see what comes up.

4 – Listen to your subconscious. This means investigating your shadow. Pay attention to your dreams, physical pain and discomfort, and emotional turmoil like anxiety, anger, and depression, because they are clues about your subconscious and how you are wired. Your shadow is not your enemy: your shadow is your ally. Exploring your shadow is how you build resilience.

5 – Focus on something you are passionate about. This can be something you want to change or improve. You might be passionate about getting rid of something that no longer serves you or adding something that’s missing from your life. Either way, when you are passionate about something you want to change, you gain momentum and enthusiasm for moving forward. Even if people tell you it’s impossible, or you can’t see how you’ll get there from here, keep your focus on the direction you want to go. Track your progress and celebrate your successes.

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Some of the ideas in this post were originally published in, Authority Magazine, November 7, 2021 interview by Savio P. Clemente entitled “Rising Through Resilience: Suteja of Inner Treasure Hunt On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times.”

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