… process all the events of your life easily?

… adapt to the sudden changes of your life without suffering?

… evolve effortlessly toward your highest destiny?

Our human life unfolds in many steps of transformation which allow us to evolve through a variety of different experiences. The one constant is change. Change is eternal. What varies is how we feel and act in response to it. When change feels heightened, as it has during the pandemic years everywhere on the planet, it can be challenging to bring our best selves forward in order to survive and hopefully thrive. Fortunately, ancient traditions from around the world have bestowed legacies for how to successfully adapt to change during the most arduous times of life.

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Self-Healing in Times of Change



Some changes occur progressively, giving us plenty of time to adjust and integrate. Other changes are sudden and require us to adapt in an extraordinary manner. These quantum leaps in our evolution require all our energy and attention in the moment, shutting out everything else. In the overwhelming process of dealing with issues, we often repress what occurs to us at an emotional level. We can’t think about how hurt we are, or how in shock we feel, because that would take us over the edge and we’re doing all we can just to hang on right now.

Left to our own devices, it can take years to process the ripple effects of traumatic or relentless change. For example, people grieve the death of a loved one decades after the event, or still experience anger and rage regarding something that happened a long time ago and had been forgotten. Instead, we can learn lessons from the ancients to rid ourselves of buried trauma and move forward in life towards our destiny.


Self-healing is an inner journey that uncovers parts of ourselves that exist but have been hidden from us. Trauma and unprocessed emotions live on inside of us long after the events that created them. They’re expressed in the form of dreams, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, as well as physically in the form of pain, depression, chronic illness, or feeling stuck. Anything we can do to shed light on what’s not visible from our past will help us heal. Times of transition don’t have to be painful, and this practice can support you in your process of going through a major life change.



This one-hour meditation creates a sacred space in which you can release past negativity and welcome future positivity. The practice is inspired by a traditional Pagan Winter Solstice Celebration, which occurs in late December each year when the greatest time of shift of the year takes place. The practice is built to bring relief and healing when you need it most: at times when circumstances change quickly and not always as planned.

Your journey will unfold in two steps. First, through the activation of a luminous spiral of candles representing the healing of your past, you will have the opportunity to clear detrimental emotions that have accumulated in the background of your subconscious. Second, you will use your inner guidance to illuminate the path ahead of you. Through the activation of a second luminous spiral of candles representing your future, you will awaken the energy for your next phase of life, accumulating within you the light and vision you need to move forward. You can experience the practice through the video alone, or you can recreate the ritual in your own space as you watch the video. Both approaches work.


Focusing inward always reaps rewards but focusing inward during turbulent times has the added benefit of helping you remain steadfast as your face life’s challenges while fully experiencing life rather than repressing your emotional response to what’s going on. When you support yourself while going through a major life change, you bring calm and clarity to an otherwise unstable time. This is why the practice will leave you more energized and anchored, with a greater sense of direction in your life.



Include the moon’s cycle in your healing process through the free 28-Day Moon Meditation Essential Program. Daily practices reinforce your intention and keep you connected with your subtle body and nature’s rhythms.

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