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The Science Behind Sound Healing: Pioneer John Stuart Reid

Is it really possible to heal pain and suffering with sound? The ancients used sound for healing, and in The Science Behind Sound Healing pioneer John Stuart Reid, a contemporary researcher in the field of sound, explores the science behind sound healing.

Who is John Stuart Reid?

John Stuart Reid is an acoustic physics researcher who has pioneered the study of sound for five decades. After experiencing a significant healing of his lower back during his acoustics study of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, he began a life-long career in the field of sound visualization and sound healing.

Reid has undertaken significant research in the field of audible sound therapy and has provided fresh insights into this important new therapeutic modality. His findings support concepts developed by Cyma Technology, a company that has developed sound healing devices that are unique and powerful healing instruments.

Reid is one of only two people in the world to have studied the acoustics of the Great Pyramid. In 1997, he conducted a series of ground-breaking experiments in the pyramid’s King’s Chamber, which led him to create his greatest invention: the CymaScope, a new device that makes sound visible.

What is Cymatics?

Cymatics comes from the Greek kyma, which means wave. Cymatics is a relatively new field in modern science, which specializes in the study of wave phenomena, especially sound waves and their visual representations. This is the science of visualizing audio frequencies, in other words, making sound visible. Cymatics is a science that bridges the visible and the invisible by showing the transformational nature of sound and matter.

Cymatics explores the connection between sound, vibrations, and physical reality. The Big Bang theory stipulates that a primordial sound occurred at the beginning of creation. Thanks to new discoveries in the field of cymatics, it is now proven that sound is the primal organizing force in the universe. Sound shapes everything, yet sound is an intangible force.

Cymatics has come to refer to a therapy in which sound waves are directed at the body with the aim of promoting health, which raises the question: Do sound and vibrations have the potential to influence matter, or even create it? This is a fascinating question, with profound implications that are changing our paradigm about life and the world we live in. From the point of view of sound, “we are all one” seems to be the guiding principle. Nothing is separated from the whole and everything is united in interwoven flows of modulations.

What was sound to the ancients?

Sound creates form and order, which is a modern concept as well as a very old one. The ancients of India, as well as Greek philosophers and Egyptian mystics, believed that all existence arises from sound vibrations. Sacred texts of India talk about the previous Golden Age as a time in which humans were spiritually more developed, spoke only one language, and lived united in peace.

In essence, the ancients viewed sound, energy, and matter as one and the same. The language of vibrations, unlike our modern use of languages that often create separation between nations and religions, is a way to tap into the cosmic unity of all creation.

How did the ancients use sound for healing?

This is the question that Reid tried to answer with acoustic experiments done in the King’s chamber. He discovered that the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber has extraordinary properties of reverberation, which implies that the Egyptian architects possessed the knowledge of acoustics and integrated it in the design.

In an experiment, Reid laid down in the sarcophagus of the King’s chamber and started to modulate sounds in a glissando fashion. When he hit the keynote of the sarcophagus (the note that corresponded to the wavelength of the sarcophagus) his entire body vibrated with the powerful frequency and his back was healed.

In another particularly impressive experiment with sounds, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs appeared on a membrane sprinkled with sand that was stretched over the sarcophagus. Based on similar principles, this astounding result gave Reid the idea of the CymaScope, the world’s first instrument that allows sound to be made visible.

So, Reid established that the ancient practice of acoustics and sound healing were known to the Egyptian priest architects. There is evidence that some of the Egyptian sonic inventions influenced Greek and Roman technologies.

What is sound healing?

It is an established fact that sound has powerful healing properties. Ultrasound, which is sound above the range of human hearing, is commonly used to accelerate bone and muscle healing. Sound frequencies are also used to break up kidney stones and shrink tumors.

Sound is akin to vibration, and vibration touches every part of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Sound is not just heard through your ears but through every part of who you are. The cells of your body, basically liquid contained in a membrane, are the ideal recipients for pressure waves, the waves produced by sound.

Imagine every cell of your body resonating in harmony with one of these exquisite cymatics glyphs, that looks like a multidimensional flower-mandala. Multiply this mandala by the number of your cells and you get an idea of the power of sound.

Sound can address any imbalances and can play a beneficial role in your healing process, whatever your condition. Sound therapy was used by the ancients and is now on the path to be rediscovered in its many possible usages.

The Resonance Principle

The main principle of sound healing is resonance. Each organ and system of your body has its own frequency. Your cells also have their own sound frequency. The goal of sound healing is to bring your cells or organs back to their optimum frequency, their highest state of harmony and health in which they can do their work and replicate.

Cells of your body absorb the healing sounds to re-harmonize cells that have been hypothetically imprinted with disruptive frequencies. The vibrational frequency in which you operate attracts similar vibration. What you experience through your life is the mirror that allows you to know who you are in energy.


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