Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Techniques from the Ancients

Is it possible to achieve your dream future by actually dreaming your future into being? Lucid dreaming techniques from the ancients enable you to do just that because lucid dreaming continues to be a process we can all benefit from.

Being a dreamer

In the West, when we say someone is a dreamer we mean they are a sensitive person with a gentle nature from which no big concrete realization is expected. Dreaming is viewed as unproductive, a loss of time, a sign of laziness in which one disconnects from the real world. We often hear parents advising teenagers that if they want to get somewhere in life, they need to stop dreaming and do something. Or you may have been told that when you were growing up.

Dreams are seen as immaterial byproducts of the subconscious, just images created by the mind. We often don’t remember our dreams, and when we do, we write them down or discuss them with family, friends, and therapists. We identify ourselves by who we are when we’re awake, not asleep, and define ourselves in terms of our conscious, not our subconscious, self.

But in ancient times, dreaming was a very different concept. Shamans taught people lucid dreaming so they could access hidden information about themselves to receive spiritual guidance and messages. Through lucid dreams, they were able to change who they were and manifest their best potential at all levels, which transformed their destiny. The ultimate goal was to control what happened in all facets of their life, awake and asleep.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreams are rare moments when you’re sleeping but you consciously realize you’re in a dream. This is a state in which you are aware that you are dreaming and aware of your surroundings. For most of us, this realization is enough to shake us out of the dream immediately.

One estimate says that 55% of people have had one or more spontaneous lucid dreams in their lifetime. Lucid dreaming typically happens during rapid eye movement sleep, the REM-stage of sleep.

When you are trained, lucid dreaming allows you to influence your dreams, such as changing the story line or the environment of the dream. But more importantly, when you are trained you can use lucid dreams to change your waking reality.

The dream world

The ancients represented Creation as three concentric circles:
 – The innermost circle represented the Divine.
 – The outermost circle represented the physical plane.
 – The circle between the inner and outer circles represented the world of dreams, also called the astral plane.

Creation circles

In this world view, the physical plane on the outside is an illusion, something we make up but then tell ourselves is real. In fact, the physical plane is malleable and influenced by the world of dreams.

The dream world is considered the true plane of existence, certainly more real than the physical world, because it is closer to the Creator. The dream world is reality, and dreams are indicators of things that will come into manifestation.

Dream masters

The ancient Toltec of Mesoamerica called the part of us that is active when we are awake and conscious the “Tonal.” The Tonal is ruled by the day and the sun. They called the part of us that is active when we are asleep and unconscious the “Nahual.” The Nahual is ruled by the night and the moon.  

Nahual Tonal

Nahualism teaches that everything that appears in the Tonal is first created in the Nahual, and that the part of you that is active when dreaming is the real you. The Toltec identified themselves with who they were at night when asleep, not during the day when awake. In other words, they defined themselves in terms of their subconscious, not conscious, selves.

The Toltec used lucid dreams to shape their future, a future which was created from deep within the hidden recesses of their subconscious selves. They understood that the best laid plans in the conscious world can be sabotaged by unaddressed issues (or shadows) from the subconscious world. Through lucid dreams they accessed their hidden recesses and shined light on their shadows to cleanse them.

Dreaming was taught to the people in power, priests, and spiritual warriors. Because people in power influence the destiny of many, it was of immense importance that these dream masters be able to create the best possible outcome for the highest good of all. Traditionally, the training lasted 52 years, starting at seven years old. After 52 years you could be called a Nahual, a master in the art of dreaming.

These ancients used dreams to manifest what they wanted and destroy detrimental energies in their lives. They were so advanced that if a dream was interpreted as unfortunate, the dreamer would go back and redream the dream for a better outcome in the physical plane.

The benefits of lucid dreaming

The ancients knew that having a conscious mind in your dreams is very beneficial. And now there is scientific evidence that lucid dreaming has therapeutic effects.

Modern researchers have reported that lucid dreaming can play a role in treating conditions such as:
 – Anxiety
 – Depression
 – Insomnia
 – Phobias
 – Recurring nightmares
 – Rehabilitation from substance abuse
 – Physical rehabilitation after an injury or surgery
 – Stress

Athletes in many sports are known to use lucid dreaming to increase their performance. Practicing lucid dreaming gives you more energy to repair yourself and overall better mental health.

How to induce lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming usually happens spontaneously. However, it is possible to learn how to lucid dream through various methods. Students of lucid dreaming often work with experienced guides or teachers in the early stages of their exploration. Different traditions have different means to achieve the same ends, and most use tools to get there.

Some traditions use psychotropic substances, such as power plants or mushrooms, to access lucid dreams. Some use special types of breathing techniques that can help you shift your consciousness. Others use minerals or crystals to enhance their dream experience.

The Toltec developed an extraordinary set of practices to be able to reach lucid dreaming at will. Practices incorporated stones and minerals because, having come from within the earth, they have a very special form of consciousness which is the direct reflection of the Creator.

Taking your first steps

As a first step into the realm of lucid dreaming, consider joining a bi-monthly Moon Celebration at Inner Treasure Hunt. Many of the meditations are designed to help you experience altered states of consciousness, so you can understand what lucid dreaming is about.

Let curiosity and openness be your guide as you can get valuable insights at any stage of your learning. Soon, you will see how lucid dreaming can positively impact your waking life.

The art of dreaming is a life-long journey, but every night is a new opportunity for you to encounter the unknown, your nahual, who you really, meaning your identity in a subconscious state. We wish you the best on this mysterious path, discovering little by little, the mysterious gifts of your dream body.


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