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Awakening Your Chakras

What is a chakra?

The concept of chakras originated thousands of years ago by Hindu Yogis, the seers and wise teachers of India. Through millennia, chakras have been celebrated as the body’s energy centers, and by awakening your chakras, you help maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

You have seven main chakras that are along your spine, which hold the different frequencies, or the different parts of your identity, that constitute who you are.


Chakras are energy centers. Because they are made of energy, you can interact with them by focusing on them. Consciousness moves energy in the direction of our conscious or subconscious intention.

Chakras are the energy behind your thoughts and emotions or desires. They reflect who you are, how much energy you have, your health, your character flaws and strengths, and also your deepest subconscious patterns. Because an energy center vibrates at a certain frequency, each chakra resonates with a specific color. You can use these colors to support your concentration and help you recharge and clear each chakra.

Benefits of working with your chakras

Working with your chakras will support your efforts in two directions: first, to maximize your health potential. Second, to help you understand your divine nature beyond the physical body.

First, there are immense healing benefits to draw from working with chakras, which is the domain of Ayurveda, “Knowledge of life” and medicine of the yogis.

Your chakras store your entire belief system, memories and emotions, constituting your energy body meaning who you are in energy. These energies may have crystallized around a trauma, a disempowering memory, a detrimental choice, or a failure, perpetuating a lower frequency that doesn’t represent who you want to be.

We all have defense mechanisms and subconscious strategies that are totally obsolete but keep playing in the background of our life like an old forgotten record. Situations and circumstances of the past shaped your chakras at a very young age, and remain the same, long after they played the role you needed them to play.

Memories, beliefs, and emotional patterns are part of your history and your identity. However, they can also prevent you from changing and evolving. Without an upgrade of the belief system encoded energetically in your psychic centers, it is very difficult to change emotional reactions or destructive thoughts, in order to experience a higher frequency day after day.

Second, the yogis and seers of the past went beyond using the chakra system for healing. For the ancients, the supreme goal of knowing your chakras is to reach a state of spiritual freedom. By creating a relationship with your chakras, you respond to the ageless question “Who am I?” As you come to know your chakras, you are able to address directly the Greek maxim: “know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods.” Your subtle body is the vehicle to invisible planes and through which you can discover and use your own multidimensionality.

Using chakras to change your life

By making a new conscious decision at each chakra, you have the opportunity to address any problem at its root, so you can express the best of who you want to be and your highest destiny.

The first chakra is located at the base of your spine. This energy center is about your connection with the earth, the way you ground yourself, and your physical health, especially your immune system, which is your natural defense system. This energy center relates to your finances, your ability to deal with the practical aspects of life and manifest what you want, in other words, your abundance. When your first chakra is blocked, you may feel threatened or unsteady. To understand your first chakra, look at your survival skills. The color of the first chakra is red.

The second chakra is located below your navel, at the level of your sexual organs. This energy center is about sensuality, sexuality, desires, and the ability to bring satisfaction to these desires in your life. This is about how you connect subconsciously and get attached to others, your ability to attract a life partner and sustain a relationship. This energy center tells you about how you enjoy life’s pleasures. When your second chakra is blocked, you may lack the deep desire to be alive and stay alive. To understand your second chakra, look at what you have created with your life force. The color of the second chakra is orange.

The third chakra is located in your solar plexus, below your ribcage. This energy center is about confidence, personal power, and the desire to improve your health, lifestyle or your finances. The desire for self-improvement creates your sense of self-esteem, ambition and ultimately your leadership qualities. This chakra is about clarity, being organized and focused to reach your goals. When your third chakra is blocked you may feel self-doubt, shame or overcompensate by trying to control everything. To understand your third chakra, look at your ability to stand up for yourself, and fight back. The color of the third chakra is yellow.

The fourth chakra is located in your chest and relates to your heart. This energy center is about love, which manifests as your ability to forgive, let go of grudges, give and receive with an open heart, generosity, and the ability to feel what others feel, meaning empathy. It holds your deepest hopes and aspirations, beauty, what elevates you and contributes to your spiritual evolution. This energy center culminates in unconditional love and expansion of consciousness. When your fourth chakra is blocked you may find it hard to open up to people. To understand your own heart chakra, look at your relationships. The color of the fourth chakra is green.

The fifth chakra is located in your throat. This energy center is about your voice, the power of your words, confidence in expressing yourself, as well as your ability to listen. This energy center relates to your highest creativity through any art form, and your ability to lead others through wise counsel and clear commands, which can be considered leadership. It is the outward expression of all the other chakras. When your fifth chakra is blocked you may have trouble expressing yourself clearly and truly. To understand your own throat chakra, look at your words and self-expression. The color of the fifth chakra is light blue.

The sixth chakra is located between your eyebrows. This energy center is about your belief systems, visual memory, focus, your ability to see the big picture and conceptualize abstract thoughts. It relates to the ability to visualize, including psychic perceptions. This energy center can help you reach a state of inner peace, transcending duality to experience the unity of all creation. When your sixth chakra is blocked you may find it hard to see the big picture. To understand your own third eye, look at both your intuition and discernment. The color of the sixth chakra is indigo.

The seventh chakra is located on the top of your head. This energy center is about your spiritual beliefs, such as your concept of the divine, your concept of the soul and what happens after death. It is your connection to the subtle realms. This energy center is about your inner guidance, divine inspiration, and channeling abilities. When your seventh chakra is blocked you may find it hard to feel connected spiritually. To understand your own crown chakra, look at the role of higher forces in your life. The color of the seventh chakra is violet.

Discovering your chakras

Discovering your chakras is an internal journey that you can take on your own or with others. You can access your chakras through consciousness exercises, meditation, visualization, yoga, Reiki, crystal healing, acupuncture, or other ways of exploring your interior. Our bodies are in a constant flux between balance and imbalance, and bringing awareness to your chakras can help keep you in alignment.

Consider starting your exploration by attending the free program Awaken Your Chakras at Inner Treasure Hunt, which is available 24/7. You can also find yoga classes online and in person that focus on chakras. Try several approaches to find the one that works for you.


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