… be in touch with your own chakras, your internal energy centers?

… understand your own energy make up with its unique characteristics?

… balance and heal your own chakra system?

You’ve probably heard about chakras, which are energy centers located along your spine. But did you know that your chakras influence your mental and emotional state as well as your physical health? Whether you’re new to chakras or are an experienced meditator, you can boost your progress along the path of self-transformation and personal empowerment. Attend this exclusive online program for free any time that works for you, from anywhere, 24/7. Give yourself the gift of a balanced chakra system and reap the rewards that only an inner treasure hunt can provide! Available for a limited time only. Why wait?

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Discovered thousands of years ago by Yogis, the seers and wise teachers of India, the chakra system is the energy blueprint of who you are. This invisible force supports your immune system and is the source of your physical stamina, mental awareness, emotional well-being, and overall balance and health. Knowing your chakras helps you understand your natural strengths and mysterious weaknesses. The energy system along your spine is the pillar of your self-healing and self-knowledge. You can tap into this source of energy and clarity to gain benefits beyond your imagination. With the help of your chakras, you can witness your own awakening.


Everyone has chakra points on their spine, and everyone can find and activate them! With guidance and focus, you can create a lasting relationship with your energy centers, or deepen the relationship you’ve already developed. Let go of deep-seated negative emotions such as anxiety or anger. Experience an alternate state of consciousness filled with joy and bliss. Feel an immediate change within yourself that can translate to feeling calmer, lighter, and refreshed. Your process is unique to you, and you will respond differently every time you do the practice. It is possible to obtain significant positive improvement in your well-being by working with your chakras, and “Awaken Your Chakras” can help you do just that.


“Awaken Your Chakras” is inspired by the Hindu tradition and the legacy of the ancient Yogis, the seers and wise teachers of India. It provides a clear and simple method to locate your chakras, evaluate their states of health, and clear them using the frequencies of their corresponding colors. The 15-minute lesson engages your left brain and provides crucial information about your energy system. The 50-minute practice inspires your right brain, giving you time to unwind in a safe sacred space. You will dive deeply into subtle bodily sensations as you perceive your own energy centers. Guided on your journey by the majesty of color, your body, mind and spirit will soar as your chakras awaken and clear. Repeat the meditation as many times as you like. Each time will be different!



You may ask “What’s in it for me?” and the answer is, plenty! This highly transformative program supports your physical health, inner peace and self-discovery. More than that, this program is aligned with the principles of the Toltec 6th Sun, also known as the Golden Age, a new era for humanity. Become a pioneer of this new consciousness by awakening your subtle body to this tremendous global shift. Develop the subtle perceptions that will allow you to tap into your spiritual energy, and use this energy for your self-healing and evolution. Learn how to clear and maintain the source of your physical stamina, mental awareness, emotional well-being, and overall balance and health. Support your immune system, understand your natural strengths, and gain insight into your mysterious weaknesses. Give yourself the gift of welcoming a new light into your chakras. Let your chakras’ clarity strengthen your purpose so you can achieve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual goals. Awaken your chakras for free today! Available for a limited time only.


“Awaken Your Chakras” is appropriate for anyone of any age, beginners and advanced meditators alike. This non-denominational session provides information and practical suggestions you can apply immediately. You can practice alone or with friends and family. Plus, you can start any time and any place you want, 24/7. To hear more about how others have benefitted from Inner Treasure Hunt programs, visit the TESTIMONIALS page at to hear from students, seekers and practitioners. Available for free, so don’t wait! Give yourself the gift of an amazing inner journey and reap the rewards that only an inner treasure hunt can provide. Awaken your chakras today!

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The 15-minute lesson provides you with crucial information about your energy system. The 50-minute practice gives you the space to visit each of your chakras twice. In the first part of the practice, you learn to sense and locate your energy centers. The second part of the practice uses the color associated with each chakra to gently clear, balance and awaken your energy centers. You learn the specific power of each chakra and have time to write about your experience at the end of the two practices, so you can keep record your process and progress.

Chakras are your body’s energy centers, and by awakening your chakras, you help maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Learn how chakras benefit you by reading this short blog post introducing each chakra.  Continue your chakra education by reading Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 1 – Your FoundationMeditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 2 – Your Tribe, and Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 3 – Your Sense of Self. You can learn about chakras and their relation to sound healing at Meditation Script for Sound Healing With Your Voice.  

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