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What Are Mandalas and How Can They Benefit You?

An eye into unseen realities

If you’ve ever asked yourself “How do I talk to my subconscious mind?” know that a mandala is an eye that allows you to enter unseen realities, and to be seen by the One who created you. You can use mandalas for introspection and healing to become whole again when your integrity has been wounded. Mandalas are a means to recover your life force, your ability to create and express your own truth. Read on to learn more about what are mandalas and how can they benefit you.

Form without beginning or end

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle’ or ‘completion’. Mandalas are usually circular geometric patterns. The circular shape is present throughout ancient history in all cultures and traditions around the world. Similar forms reappear in almost all religions, operating as symbols of cosmic mysteries, through which anyone can rediscover their inner self.

The circle is a form without beginning or end, mirroring the infinite nature of the universe. Mandalas rely on a universal language, the language of nature, that speaks to the natural rhythm of life.

Healing power of mandalas

The healing power of mandalas comes from the forces of nature themselves. Born of inner vision, they are the representation of pure consciousness that reveals timeless truths, inspiring us towards self-transcendence.

Creating mandalas with sacred geometry is to imitate the Creator, the Great Architect of the Universe. A mandala is a sacred space, an architectural plan of your inner temple, a template of perfection for your subtle body and chakras.

Examples to learn from

The mandalas below were painted by Suteja over many years as she pursued her inner journey. She explains their meaning in her own words and describes how you can use each mandala for your own spiritual growth.

Mandala 1 – Unity

Unity Mandala

This mandala is for you to remember the beauty of your inner universe. Between a snowflake and a fractal, the main geometrical pattern is the hexagram, which is a six-pointed star symbolizing the cosmos that goes to the infinite.

This is a geometric representation of a mystical night sky with a myriad of shining stars communicating with each other through a harmonious web of light. In this web of light, everything is connected, and we are all one.

I painted this mandala when I was studying Biogeometry, a field that speaks of ancient Egyptian knowledge and was founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. I was inspired by the biosignatures of the names of the Divine which you can see as the intricate, convoluted forms that look like some alien language of a distant planet.\

I painted this mandala so I could elevate my vibrations and expand my consciousness to the Divine, as easily as one would gaze at the stars in the night sky. I hope this powerful talisman brings strong connectivity between your brain cells, harmonious connections with others, and unity with the cosmos.

Mandala 2 – Harmony

Harmony Mandala

This mandala represents the seventh chakra, which is located at the top of your head. This is the highest frequency you hold in your body. The seventh chakra is about receiving guidance and inspiration from above.

This is my favorite design because it symbolizes supreme harmony with the Creator. I painted it to be similar to a geometric form that is created when a sound or a frequency resonates in water. The higher the frequency, the more complex the design, so this mandala vibrates at a very high level.

I painted this mandala in different sizes and colors, and it was a challenge every time. Although they are based on a precise mathematical construction, the only way I could create them was to trust my intuition and the flow of energy, which meant I did a lot of approximating.

I found bliss in the hours and hours of painting thousands of minuscule triangles a dozen times to adjust the colors. This creation was a meditation in itself. I hope meditating on this mandala will allow you to experience freedom at the level of the spirit, and will awaken infinite creativity within you.

Mandala 3 – Moon Magic

Moon Magic Mandala

This mandala represents the second chakra, the energy center below your navel. Often associated with sensuality or sexuality, this chakra is the part of you that allows you to enjoy life. It plays a role in attracting your soulmate and finding the missing pieces of who you are so you can feel complete.

The sun and the moon share equally the center of this mandala in a harmonious balance. When I was painting this mandala, I kept seeing images of a royal wedding in India celebrating the sacred union of two opposite polarities. For the geometry and colors, I followed the symbolism of the Hindu tradition, which represents the second chakra by a bright red six-petal lotus.

This mandala is about two energies becoming one in order to create. For me, this is the womb of the divine mother, the source of creation and creativity, the beginning and end of all things. This mandala speaks to the bliss that is found in unity beyond duality. I hope this mandala helps you resonate with joy and happiness and bring pleasure into every aspect of your life.

Mandala 4 – Galaxy

Galaxy Mandala

This mandala represents a galaxy, an energy center, or an atom. The design implies a spiral motion that expresses an activation of energy, meaning the mandala gives you the energy to open a chakra or to manifest something you want in your life.

The Great Architect of the Universe created similar shapes at macrocosmic, as well as microcosmic, levels. I was studying galaxies at the time I created this mandala and tried to recreate the power of spirals in space. This is one of the mandalas that I loved having in my office when I received people for healing sessions. This mandala supported me as I assisted people on their journeys to recovery.

Made of mirrors, acrylic paint, and half a pound of glitter, this mandala surprises me with its infinite variation of shades and colors, depending on the light or angle. I hope you will use this mandala to travel in both the smallest infinite spaces and the largest infinite spaces, in order to discover the mystery of creation.

Mandala 5 – Cosmos

Cosmos Mandala

This mandala is about creating a sacred space within yourself that forms a powerful boundary protecting you from lower frequencies and external influences. The traditional Bhupur or four doors are representing the four directions of space. Each direction symbolizes a different state of consciousness or stage of existence, allowing you to progress from ignorance to higher knowledge.

As an empath, this has great practical meaning for me. If you also are born hyper-sensitive, you know by experience that you are replenished when you are alone and come back to your center. I painted this mandala after a Biogeometry course where I learned that the repetition of a shape at an angle from a first one, here a square, creates Divine energy. Two squares at 90° angles from each other form an eight-point star, symbolizing the beginning of creation in many traditions. So this mandala is about creation, from the central point that is unity to the four corners that represent multiplicity.

With this mandala, I hope you will come back home to the original point of creation for a new beginning, and explore safely many aspects of your conscious and subconscious mind.

Mandala 6 – Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life Mandala

This mandala represents the Earth element and Mother Earth. It evokes the three levels of the dreamworld where the astral body goes after you fall asleep: the place underneath the earth called the underworlds; the ordinary world we know at the surface; and the Heavens above. This mandala connects with the energy of life given in abundance by mother Nature, which makes everything grow.

The number four that symbolizes completion appears in many forms: the square in the center; the four seasons; the sacred directions with the four trees; and adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, the four components of DNA, one of the building blocks of life.

I painted many versions of this mandala over the course of months. I was on a quest for the perfect representation of my love towards Mother Earth, and Mother Earth’s love for all creatures and the whole of creation. We are part of something beautiful and there is a Divine order supporting all of us. I hope this mandala will create infinite abundance for you as well as a solid foundation for anything you want to build in your life.

Mandala 7 – Clarity

Clarity Mandala

This mandala represents a person absorbed in deep contemplation and exploring the multidimensionality of their essence. The geometrical pattern symbolizes that their energy field has become coherent, meaning every part of their aura vibrates harmoniously as one.

At some point in a mystical experience, there is a shift in consciousness that moves the spirit of the aspirant through a portal to other realms. Energy is always in motion which is why the aura is represented by a vortex of light. I originally made this painting to illustrate the seven main chakras along the spine and their corresponding colors. I guess I got caught up in the vortex!

The chakras in this mandala are made of wooden earrings and engraved pieces of metal that I found in a very old art supply store hidden in a tiny alley of San Francisco. I loved going back in time to find the unique vintage items I could never find anywhere else. I use this mandala when meditating on my chakras, and I hope it will support the exploration of your energy centers.


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