Days of the Dead 3-day Ancestor Event Coming

Days of the Dead

Tues Oct 31 / Wed Nov 1 / Thur Nov 2

7-8pm PT / Live Online & Recorded

Based on our experience of last year, connecting with our ancestors at Dia de los Muertos is an incredible, powerful, and life-affirming event. We’re going to do it again this year on Oct 31st, Nov 1st and 2nd, and to get the most out of the experience, in this meditation you’re going to prepare the physical plane and your energy field for the encounters to come.

We don’t know who will appear, but last year we experienced that someone came for all of us, and we can create that magical experience again.

As the veil between the physical world and the world of the dead becomes thinner, you have a unique opportunity to reconnect with ancestors known and unknown, to heal an ancestor who is stuck in their evolution, receive a healing from an ancestor, and prepare yourself for a conscious death.

PART 1 –  Oct 31 is about helping one of your ancestors or departed loved ones to find peace. Often, an entire lineage is plagued by a mysterious detrimental pattern and healing work is needed to bring back harmony to support past, present and future generations. You will be able to choose the departed family member you want to work with, but the soul you can help the most will probably show up in your meditation.

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PART 2 –  Nov 1 is about communicating with an ancestor, known or unknown to you that can provide support or answers to a present predicament or question you may have. Think about where in your life you need more clarity and more strength. You will be able to choose the departed family member or friend you want to work with, but the soul that can help you the most will probably show up in your meditation.

PART 3 –  Nov 2 is about preparing your own death and letting go of the fundamental fear associated with it. Through a special Toltec practice, you will learn to stay conscious during the dying process, which is known to grant many spiritual gifts for your future incarnation or your next step. Writing the last chapter of your life- your passing, helps rewrite your entire life in alignment with your highest destiny.

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  1. Prepare an altar to properly receive the souls of the departed that are traveling to meet you
  2. Decorate your altar with food, drink, flowers and candy
  3. Make marzipan sugar skulls to communicate with your ancestors
  4. Shift your energy field so it is receptive to welcoming your ancestors

PURCHASE:  Marzipan (Almond Candy Dough)  -OR-  Almond Paste with which to make your skulls.

Preparation Suggestions

CLICK HERE to download the Preparation Suggestions for:

  • Materials
  • Preparation
  • Reflection
  • Inspiration

Members should watch the first fifteen minutes of the Oct 17, 2023, meditation recording to better understand how to prepare an altar and make marzipan skulls. 

$30 / day

$90 / 3 days

Discount for Inner Treasure Hunt members / check your email

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