Awaken your Chakras with Sacred Geometry 06/11/2022


This meditation is a sound healing session that will heal and harmonize your whole being with sacred sounds and simple geometric shapes.

Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency or tone, which has an affinity with a sacred syllable called bija. Following the footsteps of the yogis of India, this session will give you the opportunity to chant the bijas, the sacred sounds associated with each of your chakras, while focusing on the simple geometrical shape created by this sound.

To chant this syllable while meditating upon the central symbol of the chakra is to resonate with its essence and enter the spiritual realm associated with it. The goal is to open yourself up to each plane of existence that corresponds to each chakra and get a sense of what your psychic centers are about.

Thanks to recent acoustic discoveries, we know that sound, any sound, manifests as a temporary sphere or bubble imprinted with geometrical patterns. Interestingly, the chakras along the spine are also spheres of energy with sacred geometrical shapes embedded in them. Sacred sound and sacred geometry resonate with the Creator of all things, the Source of life, welcoming you back into divine order and perfection where you belong.

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