Meditate on the Mandalas of your Chakras 06/25/2022


Each of your chakras, or energy centers along your spine, vibrates at a certain frequency or tone. The science of cymatics shows that every sound creates a flower-like geometrical shape similar to mandalas. In this meditation, you will heal and harmonize your whole being through sacred sounds and the shapes they create.

By focusing on each of your seven main chakras, their sacred sounds and designs (mandalas), you will be able to experience coming back to your center, the core of who you are. Mandalas have been used for thousands of years to enhance focus and modify the state of consciousness of aspirants. Focusing on the center of a mandala is the shortest way to achieve peace of mind, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditating on a circle is to reflect on an image of completion and perfection, which re-establishes the integrity of your neuron pathways, and mysteriously tends to heal your psyche.

By gazing into the traditional mandalas of the chakras, the flower-like geometric figures that the yogis of India associated with each of your energy centers, you are opening your mind to the subtle realities that live within you, and reconnecting with the multidimensionality of your inner universe.

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