Your True Nature as Light – pt 5: Connect With Your Emotions 7/6/2024

If you feel empty, lonely, frustrated and if your heart is not into celebrating, have a seat, close your eyes and listen to your emotions. To recover your celebrating and sharing mood, all you need to do is take time to listen to what is showing up from inside you. If you have contradictory emotions coming up, give them all a voice, one at a time and discover what is missing and what is in excess. Your emotions have messages for you that can influence an important decision and potentially change your destiny.

The Aphelion is the point in the Earth’s orbit where the planet is farthest from the sun. Earth’s aphelion typically occurs in early July, about two weeks after the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice. For 2024, aphelion will occur on July 5 at 1:06 a.m. EDT when the Earth is about 3 million miles farther from the Sun than when at is perihelion in early January. In energy, the aphelion acts like a new moon, which reinforces the idea of a renewal, but also contraction and low stamina.

To help you with your emotions and this unusual concentration of energy, this meditation addresses all the challenges brought up by these celestial events.

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