Your True Nature as Light – pt 4: A Time Without Shadow 6/22/2024

A time without shadow

Imagine standing under a scorching summer sun at noon. There is heat and pressure and at some point, you will see your own shadow disappear. For those of us adept at shadow work, this is very significant!

The full moon of June coincided with the Summer Solstice this year, filling these two weeks with intense light! No stone remains unturned, and nothing can stay hidden in darkness at the climax of both lunar and solar cycles.

The influence of this powerful coincidence of the summer solstice and full moon will be felt for the next 6 months until the Winter Solstice in December. You can expect that the second half of the year will bring a lot of things to light in your life. This may manifest as intense crazy dreams, an urge or pressure to get things done, enhanced emotions, or strong feelings and reactions on your part or in others.

According to Vedic Astrology, the moon is in Sagittarius in the lunar mansion called mula (“the root”). This part of the sky is said to point to the center of the galaxy, sending us back to our luminous cosmic origin. This is sometimes felt as being unrooted and “re-planted” in a different way. Maybe mula is sending you back to your roots allowing you to finally understand a life-long detrimental pattern that you are now able to definitively unroot from your subconscious. One thing is sure: every part of your being will be activated and illuminated.

Secrets of the Toltec tradition talk about a time without shadow as an opportunity to be reborn without a detrimental shadow, the part of you that is repressed and makes you suffer emotionally. Originally, the shadow is a neutral place within us that contains all our potential.

Stay present to this beautiful alchemy in motion, no matter how ungrounded it makes you feel. To enter or facilitate your healing process, meditate on your first chakra at the base of your spine and see what emerges. Don’t be surprised or alarmed if you find intense pain in your hip joints or at your sacrum. Something is trying to clear out. Soon, other pain or tensions from your body will go back to their root cause at the base of your spine and disappear on their own. All you have to do is be present at your first chakra and witness your own clearing.

To support you in your transformation, this meditation focuses on your sacrum to see what is getting unrooted and create a new contract with Mother Earth.

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