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Death and Rebirth

Upon awakening on the morning of September 24th, 2023, on the second day of the two meditations of Heal Yourself with the Autumn Equinox, I noticed a drop of red liquid under the stool where my computer is during the meditations. My first thought was, “Is that blood?” Nobody in the house was injured and

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Solstice Sky

Summer Solstice: Culmination of Light of the Year

Summer Solstice: Culmination of Light of the Year explores the manifestation time of year when everything in the natural world comes to fruition. What have you manifested? What are you missing? What is the Summer Solstice? Summer is a time of expansion, relaxation, and playfulness. With the warmth of the sun, everything in the natural

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Alankara Mandapam complex in India

Meditation Script for Sound Healing With Your Voice

The meditation script for sound healing with your voice is a comprehensive introduction to how sound can be used to address and heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. From the ancients to modern medicine, sound continues to play a crucial role in health. Sound healing through the ages If you’ve ever suffered the agony of

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Subtle Energy Fields – Powers of the Moon Series – Part 4 of 5

What are subtle energy fields? Subtle energy, what is now called magnetic fields, was known by the ancients who recognized how the moon’s cycle affected life on earth. When you take steps to align yourself with the moon, you help yourself stay calm and rejuvenated. When you don’t, life can feel like a roller-coaster. This

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What is Mycelium and Why Should You Care?

If you walk around a forest and study the ground, sooner or later you’re bound to come across some mushrooms, usually growing in a dark, dense area. Mushrooms are one of the main ways that nature recycles everything, regenerating life from death! Yes they’re delicious, at least the non-toxic ones, but their most important function

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Winter Solstice 2021

What is the Meaning of the Winter Solstice & Why is it Important?

The holidays are approaching, bringing with them a wind of lightness and celebration, much appreciated after the heaviness of the past few months. Western society has trained us to celebrate the end of the year by offering gifts, but there is deeper meaning behind these gestures. So we have to ask, What is the meaning

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