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Tula warrior

Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 2 – Your Tribe

Balance and harmony can be more than concepts in your life – they can define your life. Despite the daily shuffle of tasks, obligations, and emotional upheaval, it is possible to find oases of peacefulness. Chakras are energy centers along your spine that fuel your life and play a role in every area of your

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Spine Chakras

Meditation Script for Chakras Journey – Part 1 – Your Foundation

In the hubbub of daily life, balance and harmony can seem like afterthoughts, or worse, unattainable states of being. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your seven chakras are the foundation of balance and harmony in your life, and you can learn how to fine-turn them to face life’s challenges with strength and

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Orbs of light

What We Learned from the 2022 Days of the Dead

According to the ancient Mexican tradition, Dias de los Muertos (Oct 31-Nov 2) are special days devoted to the dead, ancestors, and ancestral healing. Ancestral healing is about becoming aware of your issues, repetitive patterns and weaknesses that didn’t start with you but originated in your lineage. Reconciliation and healing across the generations, both living

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Cosmos Mandala

What Are Mandalas and How Can They Benefit You?

An eye into unseen realities If you’ve ever asked yourself “How do I talk to my subconscious mind?” know that a mandala is an eye that allows you to enter unseen realities, and to be seen by the One who created you. You can use mandalas for introspection and healing to become whole again when your

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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Techniques from the Ancients

Is it possible to achieve your dream future by actually dreaming your future into being? Lucid dreaming techniques from the ancients enable you to do just that because lucid dreaming continues to be a process we can all benefit from. Being a dreamer In the West, when we say someone is a dreamer we mean

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Water Tiger

Year of the Water Tiger: Meaning for You

January 31st was the new moon and the start of a new lunar cycle. The Chinese celebrated the new lunar year on February 1st, which gives us an opportunity to revisit the meaning of the year 2022. Will this year celebrate our collective return into some sort of normalcy? Or will this year prove itself

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Subtle Energy Fields – Powers of the Moon Series – Part 4 of 5

What are subtle energy fields? Subtle energy, what is now called magnetic fields, was known by the ancients who recognized how the moon’s cycle affected life on earth. When you take steps to align yourself with the moon, you help yourself stay calm and rejuvenated. When you don’t, life can feel like a roller-coaster. This

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Fountain pen writing in notebook

Journaling Benefits – 5 Tips to Become More Calm & Resilient

Journaling is a private conversation you have with yourself that is not censored or edited. Your journal is where you write to yourself, for yourself; a place to express both sides of your brain, right (analytical/pragmatic) and left (intuitive/creative). Journaling benefits you over time by becoming your story, revealing your patterns, and helping you become

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